Delhi engulfed in fog for third day


Rail services were also affected-eight trains were cancelled, 38 were rescheduled and 80 arrived late in New Delhi, inconveniencing passengers.

The dense fog that has engulfed Delhi-NCR along with parts of Punjab and Haryana has led to poor visibility further causing several flights and trains to be delayed or rescheduled.

In dense fog weather winter, drivers have been instructed to regulate train speed depending on visibility conditions for the safety of passengers and train movement. "IGI Airport on Friday remained under dense fog with visibility below 50 metres from 1:30 am to 10:00 am", said RK Jenamani, director-in-charge of the IGI Airport meteorological unit.

A few trains were running behind schedule due to the fog. Airport officials said that other than the two IndiGo flights that were cancelled due to bad weather conditions, flights originating from Delhi were badly hit for the fourth consecutive day on Saturday.

"The entire North India was affected by heavy fog on Friday".

Officials at the railway enquiry section said that the Patna-Tata-Durg South Bihar Express arrived nearly two hours late and the Danapur-Tatanagar Superfast Express was running late by about three hours.

In Punjab, fog was reported from Amritsar, Ludhiana and Jalandhar districts. "Over 100 flights - both domestic and global - were delayed by the weather conditions", a senior aviation official said.

In the first incident that occurred under Surir police station area, six vehicles had collided with each other amid dense fog on the expressway, they said.

The deceased, who was proceeding to Etawah from Delhi to attend a wedding, has been identified as Sumit Narain, 51.

In a recent accident of Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh three people killed and half a dozen people had injuries.