Dodgers Adrian Gonzalez' Quiet, Dignified Stand Against Trump Bigotry


The left handed slugger hit a game-winning solo home run in Game 2 of the NLCS and was asked about his reasons for refusing to stay at Trump's hotel back in May.

The Dodgers typically stay at the Trump hotel in Chicago when in town to face the Cubs, but they did not for the first two games of the NLCS.

Dodgers first baseman Adrian Gonzalez admitted to a subtle circumvention of that norm as well.

"I didn't stay there", Gonzalez told reporter JP Hoornstra.

"I had my reasons", Gonzalez told the Long Beach Press-Telegram on Sunday.

And by most of the team, it was actually the entire team with the exception of one player: The clean-up hitter Adrian Gonzalez. Now, Gonzalez - a Mexican American who was born in San Diego and speaks English and Spanish fluently - is receiving the attention he was hoping to avoid by not disclosing his decision, according to Los Angeles Times columnist Dylan Hernandez. Despite being born a U.S. citizen since birth, Gonzalez has regularly represented Mexico in the World Baseball Classic.

Gonzalez and the Dodgers opened up their National League Championship Series with the Cubs this past weekend in the Windy City. "And some, I assume, are good people".

Trump has struggled to gain support from Mexicans after claiming that Mexico sends its drug dealers, criminals and rapists to the United States. The hotel required a non-refundable deposit to book rooms for the players, and until the Dodgers beat the Nationals they didn't know whether they'd need rooms in Chicago at all. For this visit, the Dodgers stayed at a different hotel for reasons unrelated to Gonzalez's earlier request this season, the column reported.