Tesla To Launch Autopilot 8.0 In July


Tesla Motors on Sunday announced that it fell short of its target for deliveries during its second quarter, but the electric vehicle manufacturer has an answer for that shortcoming.

The company's own estimate of 17 000 vehicles delivered was missed by just under 3000, with Tesla pushing only 14 370 cars out the door.

Tesla delivered 29,190 cars in the first six months of this year and expects to deliver a further 50,000 in the second half. In the next few weeks, Autopilot 8.0 is expected to download to approximately 80,000 Tesla vehicles.

In a second e-mail, Musk insisted the news about Brown's death was "not material to the value of Tesla".

CEO Musk said in May that his company is aiming to build a total of 500,000 all-electric vehicles in 2018, and that its 2020 volume target was close to 1m vehicles.

Over the past three months, Tesla shares have fallen by 13%. Tesla company released on a blog post that they have informed the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) of the fatal accident under investigation.

The carmaker has also other worries, after USA regulators opened an investigation into its Autopilot system after a driver of a Model S cruising with the tech engaged was killed in an accident on May 7 in Florida.

The automaker blames the missed goal on an "extreme production ramp", a phrase which seems like it's missing the word "up" at the end of it, and the multitude of vehicles still in transit toward the end of the quarter.

Last week, Tesla drew scrutiny as details emerged about the death of a driver using the semi-autonomous mode of a Tesla S, a luxury model.

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Shares of Tesla were down more than 3% in premarket trading Tuesday.

Tesla is calling the first US self-driving auto fatality -in which a Model S drove partially underneath a turning tractor-trailer - "extremely rare".