Lyft just added a luxury service to rival UberBlack


Lyft claims a remarkable 60 percent of its users have requested an option for a more luxurious ride, although how many would actually use the service is another matter; it's hard to get figures from Uber as to how many people use their competing service Uber Black, but that service would seem to appeal to those who are well off or have corporate accounts where the amount of money spent isn't an issue.

Lyft operates an "Ambassador" program, which pays people hundreds of dollars for new driver referrals. This compares to a $2 base charge with a $1.16 cost per mile ($.23 per minute) for a regular Lyft. It's available now in the Bay Area, Los Angeles, and New York City. Either way, Lyft now has an option: Lyft Premier. "Lyft felt their mission was to be a little more personable, a little more authentic, where Uber got started as a black auto and became a peer-to-peer model". The newly introduced service will provide rides in luxurious auto such as high-end sedan or SUV like BMW 5 Series, Audi A6, Lexus ES, or Cadillac Escalade within minutes of their demand.

Lyft says that 60 percent of its riders have requested an option for a more luxurious ride. Lyft will also be able to take advantage of far higher margins on the new rides.

This time around, internal Uber data obtained by Business Insider suggests Lyft recruiters are now using similar tactics, but without intentionally lowering driver ratings.

In other news, Pokemon Go is now available in the US.

But Evan Rawley, a Columbia University business professor who studies ride-hailing, says high-end rides represent a small portion of the business. If that's not enough to interest you, just recall the wise words of Pokemon enthusiast Herman Cain: "Life can be a challenge".

"Thank you to the sponsors for putting forth this legislation that will make it easier and more affordable for thousands of federal employees to travel for work", said Niki Christoff, Head of Federal Affairs for Uber.