Google offers new way for users to manage ads, personal data


It's also fair to say that some of this and other recent Google ad enhancements are a response Facebook's targeting capabilities. Google users will see the notification until they act on it.

This will also give you "granular control" for how these ads will work across all your devices that will be signed into your Google account. In June 2015, Google launched a "My Account" dashboard, which lets you control the privacy aspects of the various Google services you use, but to actually see your history, you had to go to several different places.

The move to use your Google information across the web echoes a similar endeavor from Facebook, with a key difference: Google lets you opt-in to the program, rather than requiring you to opt-out. Today we get the word of Google's "My Activity" Platform, a new concept that will allow you to review any and all data the company has collected about your surfing.

The tool also offers users the option of suspending the web and application tracking activity, but beware that could impact your autocomplete features.

This video includes images from Getty Images and a clip from Google.

My Activity shows how you've been using various Google services in neatly arranged cards. For example, users could purge all research conducted on "nonprescription weight-loss supplements" or "Solar City" or "Bewitched" to avoid seeing ads or content recommendations tied to those topics. The feature allows Google to use that data, already in your Google account, to serve you up more relevant ads among the more than two million websites and apps in the Google Display Network. There, you can turn off "ads based on your interest" as well as "ads based on your interests on websites beyond". If you don't want some of that data to factor into the ads you see, delete it. Likewise, if video was viewed on YouTube, it explains it was saved to Google Account because the YouTube Watch History setting was on.

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