Canada Post, CUPW Almost Agree to 30-day 'Cooling-Off' Period


According to CBC News, Canada Post is open to the request if the union agrees to binding arbitration. The impasse has caused tremendous uncertainty, which is having a major impact on the business, our customers and our employees.

"Our bosses at Canada Post could just sit there for 30 days, refuse to discuss our proposals, as they have been doing for months, and then wait things out in the legal system for years". The contract was changed to an different agency, because - claimed the CUPW - Canada Post could avoid working with unionized workers.

Canada Post has said Thursday it would move it's imposed lock out date to Monday from Friday.

The Canadian Union of Postal Workers said in a statement that it has "politely declined" the suggestion from Labour Minister MaryAnn Mihychuk for binding arbitration, calling it a "matter of principle".

Canada Post and the union have been in discussions since late 2015, with 60 days of conciliation and nearly 30 more days with federal mediators, yet the parties remain far apart on key issues.

Internal mail between government offices or broader public sector offices serviced by BC Mail Plus are not affected by a Canada Post labour disruption. Talks between a conciliator, Canada Post management and the leaders with two unions representing the Canadian Union of Postal Workers have been ongoing since early April.

The union ended its statement today by saying that it is "trying to stave off the demands for cuts, which include less secure pensions for new hires, and is also trying to get Canada Post to reinvent itself by expanding and innovating services as well as addressing wage inequities between rural and urban mail carriers". The union wants the Crown corporation to boost pay for suburban and rural mail carriers, who CUPW says are predominantly women, and who earn around 30 per cent less than metro carriers.

The catch is that Canada Post has added a condition that the union has not yet agreed to.

"We are watching this very closely".