Cache GOP leader sad to see party leaders resign


Trump's remarks mark a stark departure from typical Republican orthodoxy - and his choice of location is a rare one for presidential candidates. Lewandowski attended the speech, and Stephen Stepanek, cochairman of Trump's state campaign, said Trump's interaction with his former top aide was cordial.

Powerful business lobbies - both traditionally supportive of Republican candidates - took the highly unusual step of lashing out at Trump during a speech he gave Tuesday that hammered US free-trade deals.

Donald Trump speaks to guests during a policy speech during a campaign stop at Alumisource on Tuesday in Monessen, Pennsylvania.

The complaint was filed on the same day Trump attacked Clinton in a fundraising email for her own alleged ethical violations.

However, it's also rare for a Republican candidate to be as critical of trade as Trump has been. In 2012, GOP nominee Mitt Romney earned 93% support among Republicans.

The latest infighting comes as Republicans attempt to come to grips with Trump's looming nomination.

Trump also took fire for his positions on trade from Democrats. He says that any political advantage flowing to Trump from this market-moving vote "should sound an alarm for the Democratic Party".

But the GOP establishment's embrace is still only tepid.

Trump pushed back against their criticism Thursday, insisting that he is in favor of free trade but that the US has done a poor job of making deals, he said.

"After all, 95% of the world's consumers now live outside America's borders, representing almost limitless expansion opportunities for US businesses and entrepreneurs". That he is not going to be an autocrat.

But as the convention draws near, the real question is who will want the job. "So it's too early to tell".

When given a chance to reply to Clinton's comments, Trump said, "all of those phobias, but no one even knows what she's talking about ..."

"Very bothersome and very damaging, frankly, for the long term", Flake said.

"There's nothing that is closer to my heart than trade".

However, the American electorate is becoming younger and less white.

Trump's most controversial statements have concerned immigration.

However, for the past half-century, the Republican party has believed in the importance of removing barriers to trade.

"This is the biggest Congressional District east of the Mississippi River and as you guys know, if Donald J. Trump carries this district - he will, won't he?" As for the chamber, he said the group is "totally controlled by the special interest groups". "We want one-on-one with countries that treat us properly".

Miller tagged Clinton as "the embodiment of globalism" and "financial elitism".

As in, similar to Clinton's positions.

It was the first time Trump has visited New Hampshire since firing Corey Lewandowski, his former campaign manager, who lives in the Granite State.

"Why would the USChamber be upset by the fact that I want to negotiate better and stronger trade deals or that I want penalties for cheaters?" the wealthy businessman wrote on Twitter. "The greatest danger yet is the TPP, another Hillary Clinton trade deal". "We have to fight so viciously and violently because we're dealing with violent people".

"I want to add that while we don't engage in presidential politics, we've also never hesitated to engage in a policy discussion", she said. I love free trade. Repudiate Trump or repudiate its trade principles and legacy.