Lots of people watched a watermelon explode on Facebook


Their claim? To blow up the watermelon steadily using pressure from gradually adding more and more rubber bands. The Facebook Live event featured Buzzfeed staffers Chelsea Marshall and James Harness donning hazmat suits and placing rubber bands one by one around the watermelon, counting out each time, with the aim of making it explode.

Over the course of an hour yesterday the world stood still to watch two BuzzFeed employees wrap rubber bands around a watermelon.

"Wish I never clicked this as now I can't get off until I see it explode...."

Still, the feed was not able to capture the honor for most-watched livestream in Facebook (FB) history; the company told CNBC that a stream from actor Vin Diesel had once topped 1 million live viewers. It took them about 45 minutes to perform their experiment, which raked in nearly a million live viewers Friday afternoon.

"I want to stop watching so bad but I'm already committed", one Facebook user wrote.

Looking at the rising popularity of the feature, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckeberg has made Facebook Live a top priority at the company.

The spectacle quickly gathered steam on social media, and at one point more than 800,000 people were viewing live, waiting for the watermelon to explode. The watermelon is clearly straining as they close in toward 700 rubber bands.